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Christian O'Flaherty oflaherty at isoc.org
Mon Apr 2 11:25:39 EDT 2018

Si alguna organización quiere conmemorar el 6/6, celebrando los 6 años del world IPv6 day, se pueden poner en contacto conmigo. 

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Subject: [Measuringv6] World IPv6 Launch Turns 6!

    We plan to mark the sixth anniversary of World IPv6 Launch on 06/06/18 with (minimally) some blog posts and measurement updates. Maybe more.
    In case your organisation is planning or would like to do similar, we’d like to try to coordinate messaging a little to help amplify the signal and maximise our chances of reminding the wider world that IPv6 deployment is still something to pay attention to.
    Can you share with me a contact from your Comms team that we could work with on this? At present I plan to compile a mailing list of IPv6 Launch anniversary comms contacts, and we’ll send out an update next month with some ideas and opportunities to provide input and collaborate.
    Comments (and contacts) of course welcome,
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